Will Sye Raa Release Be Delayed? Whose Fault Is It?

Tue Apr 23 2019 14:37:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is the biggest film after Baahubali franchise in terms of budget and starcast from Telugu. Obviously, RRR will top it, but Sye Raa for now, is the second biggest film from Tollywood.

According to several reports movie release will be affected by the VFX work and it is being done all over the world by renowned studios.

Ram Charan and his marketing team is unable to find a proper date as they want to be non-committal at this stage, it seems. According to our sources, even though movie shoot is over except for a song, the team is shared about the delay in VFX work it seems.

We saw Baahubali-1 get postponed 4-5 times and even the team enjoyed the trolls. We also saw latest Hindi VFX films like Fan, Zero, Thugs of Hindosthan, with biggest of stars failing.

Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry, feel producers. But, this comes across as some lazy planning by the makers. They have been working on the film for 4 years now and they had ample time to plan post production works.

Normally, in Hollywood to meet deadline, the most complex portions that require huge VFX work are allotted more budget and time. So, if a studio decides to postpone, then the sign is that the work done on the film is not upto the mark and they even factor in all the re-shoots.

For Sye Raa, only production took 2 years from December 2017 to till date. Still movie shoot is not over. We have to weigh in all the complex VFX work that the film needs to bring the bygone era into reality. So, the movie getting delayed gives us vibes like the planning is not upto the mark or the movie isn't!

Director Surrender Reddy is known for falling short of high expectations and we have to wait and see, if that case is being rectified by Megastar Chiranjeevi or the film team could have genuinely underestimated the time that Sye Raa needs and now are trying to make up all of it!