Will The Film Stars Take Modi's Advice?

Wed May 13 2020 11:27:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation yesterday night about how the public should carry on with their lives whilst being careful of the COVID-19 virus. During his elaborate speech, he used the term, 'Vocal about Local' which means giving more priority to local brands which help in increasing our economy and useful for the development of the nation. He encouraging everyone to start promoting and utilizing the local brands.

The big question that popped in everyone's minds instantly is, will our actors and actresses take up this responsibility and think about the welfare of the nation instead of worrying about filling their pockets? There are a lot of celebrities in our country who endorse foreign brands. Starting from Shah Rukh Khan to Vijay Devarakonda, most of our stars promote non-local brands. Right from the beauty products our heroines endorse to the footwear our heroes use, everything is from abroad.

How many of them even carefully listened to Modi's speech yesterday? If they did, will they bid goodbye to foreign brands and start encouraging our local products? While many are advising them to take the Indian products into the public, we need to wait and see how many stars really dare to accept it.