Woman Walks Cannes Red Carpet With Blood Painting On Her!

Tue May 23 2023 15:52:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The much-awaited Cannes Film Festival was started and celebrities across the globe are walking the red carpet. Films of a few Hollywood Superstars are premiered at the international festival. But a woman took everyone by surprise with her appearance on the red carpet. She was taken aside by the executives there.

It is known that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not over and is underway. A woman from Ukraine appeared at the event with the Ukraine flag. She has fake blood on her body to give an example of what is going on in the nation. She wants to grab everyone's attention with that.

A woman who donned a yellow and blue dress reached the event and she had fake blood on her body. However, the security there swung into action and escorted her down the stairs. Her look became the talk of the town.

It's been more than one year since the war started. No matter how hard the world nations are trying Russia is not taking a back step and the war is continuing. Disastrous scenes are prevalent in the war-hit Ukraine.

This is not the first time the Ukraine issue reached the film festival. Earlier too, a woman did a similar thing and sought the world's help to bring the situation under control. Yet again this happened. The woman who attended the Cannes Film Festival said that things are not going well with Ukraine and this needs a big intervention.

In 2022, a woman grabbed the attention of everyone with paintings to stop sexual attacks against them. She did this in the backdrop of reports that the Russian army is going after Ukrainian women to sexually abuse them.