Women Sent Back For Wearing Jeans And Capri!

Tue Oct 22 2019 22:01:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Chennai RTO continued to explain this to the inspector and his fellow women. Engineer Pavitra (name changed), who was given a driving test for a license at KK Nagar RTO, refused to take a driving test. The inspector said that his clothes were inappropriate. "I wore jeans and a sleeveless top, but I was in dire need of a license, so I went home and returned to the salwar kameez," said Pavitra.

Advocate for motor accident case VS Suresh said that no law prescribes the dress code for driving tests. He said, "Just 18 years of age and being healthy is important."

About 10 days ago a college student (Sumati) was also returned by the RTO office for wearing Capri and shirt. In the test held last week, not only the women dress code but also the men wearing lungi and shorts were not allowed to test.

But such incidents are not new in the city RTO's as even in 2018 a similar complaint was reported in the media. Men who come in shorts, lungis or Bermudas are sent back to come in decent attire, and the same is the case with women.