Young Director Mentally Affected By Online Trolling

Fri Jul 03 2020 13:42:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young and talented director Tharun Bhascker fell prey to online trolling after sharing an Instagram story about the Malayalam film Kappela.

A few days ago, he watched 'Kappela' and shared the poster of the film and wrote, "No hero is screaming loudly or having multiple slo-mo gravity-defying introduction scenes or action blocks with a background score. There are no long speeches on farmers, soldiers or India in the last 10 minutes. Still, these are also called movies," he wrote.

After posting this, Tharun was subjected to intense trolling and abuse which forced him to approach the cyber cell.

In a latest interview after filing the complaint, he said that he was mentally affected by the online trolling. "What if people like me get into depression? Star heroes don't have control over their fans. Some heroes don't even react; they just don't want to get into this mess and don't want to get their hands dirty," Tharun said.