Young Hero Unable To Live Up To Bankable Star Image!

Tue Dec 06 2022 18:39:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young Bollywood actor Ayushman Khuranna created a niche for himself by trying a variety of films. Like Khiladi Akshay Kumar, the actor also does films on topics that are seen as taboo. He had an inspirational journey and since his first film, he has been proving his potential as an actor.

But he is unable to score hits as he did earlier. Despite having a strong image as a bankable star he is unable to live up to his image. His last four films ended as big duds at the box office. His recent film struggled hard in attracting audiences to theatres.

Ayushman Khuranna came out of his comfort zone and tried an adventure film An Action Hero in which he played a hero who fights a crisis. The film had a slow start at the box office and barely managed to earn Rs 1.31 crore on day 1 and the collections increased by over one crore the next day.

The film managed to earn over Rs 5 crore as per the Bollywood critics which are very less given the budget that went into making the film and the market Ayushman Khuranna enjoys.

On the other hand, Bollywood has been struggling to see steady success at the box office. Though a few films are managing to see success, the success is not constant in the industry of late. Moreover, the expectations of Bollywood films increased massively due to Pan-India films.