Youngsters To Give a Puri a Break?

Tue Jul 16 2019 14:35:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath gets a  big deal of appreciation from youth because of his OTT style in designing mass characters and dialogues.

But his films haven't lived upto the mark. He is able to prove that his brand did not vanish yet with Ismart Shankar bookings.

He went all out massy for this film and the way he wrote the character of Ram and others, he seem to have shed all the inhibitions that he might have developed over the years and went for double the OTT than usual.

Now, he needs to just pray that the content will also click with the audiences. He gets good opening day with Teasers and trailers but then his content doesn't much up to the enthusiasm.

Several months have passed by, before youth responded to a film like this and this one seems to be jackpot for all parties involved if clicks.

Ram can look to make comeback with another film but Puri needs this to be a hit to be back in contention for big heroes or others at least.

If this flops, he will again have to wait for years or hope that someone will find him again. We hope Puri Jagannath delivers this time and keep youth hopes in him, going!