ZEE5's ATM robust at 50M streaming minutes

Fri Jan 27 2023 14:34:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There is no stopping ZEE5's 'ATM', which was released on January 20. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that the web series has clocked 50 million streaming minutes already. At this rate, it is going to become the most successful Telugu-language web original.

Showrunner Harish Shankar, by devolving his film experience, has made 'ATM' a commercial and thrilling experience for the viewers. As the show's story writer, he has lent his Midas Touch.

The climax, above all, is the web series' standout feature. What it holds is nothing less than a shocker. All along, the heist drama thriller is seen as a cat-and-mouse game involving four thieves (played by VJ Sunny, Krishna, Raviraj and Roiel Shree) and a dutiful cop (played by Subbaraju). But the entry of a 5th thief adds to the mystery. Who will be playing this key character? We will know the answer in the run-up to the second season later this year.

Everyone is saying that Subbaraju's cop character, who gets a primacy in the script from the third episode (and non-stop importance from the fourth episode), is one of the biggest highlights of the show. His dialogues, the characterization, and the arc of his investigation are so filmi.

The Harish Shankar-style of writing is praiseworthy. No wonder 'ATM' is on a roll.

Hanshita Reddy and Harshith of Dil Raju Productions melded a talented team. Music director Prashanth R Vihari and cinematographer Monic Kumar G have received acclaim.

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