Zero buzz on 'Jaanu'! Time to wakeup!

Wed Jan 29 2020 14:25:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

After a failure like 'Ranarangam', Sharwanand is coming up with the remake of super hit Tamil flick '96'. The film is titled as 'Jaanu' with Samantha in the title role. A teaser and two songs from the film were released till date but there is absolutely zero buzz over this film.

'96' starring Vijay Sethupati and Trisha is a completely offbeat film which touches your heart with its cute and tender moments. Tamil audience usually are open to all kinds of films and this film being beautifully made, they accepted '96' with open arms. Also, Vijay Sethupathi was just brilliant in his role. His age and physical appearance suited the character of 'Ram' perfectly and his nuanced acting just swept everyone off their feet. Same goes for Trisha too.

So, Sharwanand and Samantha have a very tough task in their hands. The teaser got a lukewarm response and many said that Sharwa fell short of expectations. Though it is unfair to compare him with an actor like Vijay Sethupathi, you cannot avoid them as 'Jaanu' is a frame-to-frame remake of '96'.

Also, the low buzz is not at all helping. None of the songs which were released reached the million mark on Youtube which explains a lot. It is high time the makers wake up and start promoting their film aggressively. Films like 'World Famous Lover' and 'Bheeshma' which are releasing in February are racing ahead while 'Jaanu' is completely being ignored by the audience.