Small & Medium Films Not The Priority For Associations!

Fri Jun 05 2020 19:10:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The OTT platforms have gained a lot of significance from the past one year or so and their grip grew much stronger in the past couple of months when the theatres were completely shut down. They came up with fancy rates to buy the films and release directly on their platforms. But many theatre owners and exhibitors opposed this idea and even threatened the filmmakers.

Going into the details, inside talk is that the theatre associations and distributors associations are against the idea of big films getting released on OTT platforms directly. They are concerned over the big money they are going to lose if big films get released digitally. They are reportedly not concerned about small or medium films at all.

Experts say that they need to given importance to all kinds of films and none of them should be ignored. Exhibitors leaving small and medium films behind is the main reason why OTT platforms became stronger as per the analysts. If this continues like this, OTT platforms are going to be an uncontrollable power in the film industry as per experts and analysts.