Hot Beauties Uses Quarantine For Movie Offers

Sun Mar 29 2020 18:10:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Some of the Tollywood actress have seriously focused on changing their career in these quarantine times. Some actress who are in fade off stage are now sharing their hot pictures to the reputed PR's in the industry. They are asking the PR's to promote their pictures so that they can attract the filmmakers towards them.

Hot beauties Shriya Saran, Nabha Natesh, Kriti Karbanda, Heba Patel and many others are in this list. These beauties once made fans go crazy for them, but now their career's are in a low track.

So they are very desperate for shaping their fate. In these lockdown situations, people have stuck to the social media so they thought it is the right time to promote their sizzling beauty.