Young Directors Upset With This Hero!

Mon Nov 18 2019 18:11:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a young hero in the industry who recently delivered a flop. But, he claims that he travelled with a lot of young directors and asked a couple of them to get the script ready to make a film.

He said this to five young directors and they are going around him with the scripts. But the hero wanted to wait for the release of his film and then accept his next script. For this purpose, he kept everyone on hold. Sadly, the hero's film tanked at the box-office and he started to have second thoughts. He is now ignoring them all and is on the way to make a film with another director.

This behavior from this hero is making all those young directors angry as they worked hard on the scripts and waited for him over a year. Joining hands with a new director is a complete injustice as per them. They are letting out their rage with their close industry mates and are cursing the hero as per reports.