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Indians Behind Drug Trafficking Busted At Motels?

Drug abuse is a big concern

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   24 July 2023 11:01 AM GMT
Indians Behind Drug Trafficking Busted At Motels?

Drug abuse is a big concern to the world and many nations are facing serious issues with it. Even big countries like the US and UK are also struggling with the threat. Talking about the United States in particular, drug trafficking incidents are increasing in recent times.

The concerned authorities carried out a search operation and busted a drug den in New Mexico. Three people including two Indians were arrested in connection with this under various charges. They might attract two decades of jail terms as per the charges they are facing.

As per the media reports, a drug den was busted at a motel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kamal Bhula, Pragneshkumar Pete Patel, and Jonathan Craft were arrested on charges of drugs and firearms. It is said that the three pleaded guilty in the case.

The law-enforcement authorities started a crackdown on the premises where drug abuse and trafficking are happening. Based on the information received, they are conducting raids and the motel was one of the places that were raided. As part of that, they were arrested and they reportedly pleaded guilty.

The three are involved in the den. While one of them is the owner of the motel. One person gave the property to another party on a lease and the third person helped in the activities. They also possess illegal firearms and they pleaded guilty.

It is a big shock that Indians are involved in this. On one side we are hearing unfortunate incidents involving Indians and Indian-origin people. On the other hand, a few people are indulging in such unlawful incidents.

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