4 Reasons To Watch Pelli Gola The Web Series

Fri Dec 13 2019 13:00:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

With the over-the-top (OTT) medium becoming one of the most preferred rnplatforms for entertainment, Viu as an OTT platform brings you some of rnits originals.

Since its release in 2017, Pelli Gola, a Telugu Web Seriesrn has garnered accolades for its portrayal of a wedding drama with a dashrn of comedy. It features the chaos of arranged marriages and typical rnIndian families and their sentiments.

The story predominantly rnrevolves around the two lead characters - Varun (played by Abijeet rnDuddala) and Jagadamba aka Jaggu (played by Varshini); who flee from rntheir homes when forced into an arranged marriage. What follows is rnmayhem among the families and an adventurous ride for Varun and Jaggu.

However, it's not the engaging storyline that warrants watching Pelli Gola, there's a lot more to it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be watching Pelli Gola - the Web Series.

1) The amazing cast:

Rightrn from the costumes to the actors themselves, everything in the web rnseries Pelli Gola is portrayed with ease and loads of fun. The rncharacters and their role in the series are well-crafted. It will amaze rnyou to see how strikingly similar the characters are to yourself and thern many people you meet on a day-to-day basis.

The rnhilarious-yet-realistic portrayals of each character by the respective rnactor will have you constantly reminding yourself about the fact that rnthey aren't real-life characters on screen, and actually actors doing rntheir part. Lead actors Abijeet Duddala and Varshini, in particular, rnhave done a phenomenal job at portraying their character and bringing rnthe story to life.

2) The apt setting:

Ifrn you pay close attention to the details of each scene, along with the rncharacter sketching, each scene's background is detailed well. Be it a rnmodern apartment setting or a traditional ancestral home, every aspect rnof the background is spot-on when it comes to decor. The web series Pelli Gola also features some beautiful scenic locations of Andhra Pradesh.

Everyrn scene has so much setting and picturesque detail to it. A keen look at rnthe scenes will make you notice the efforts put into making the rnbackground setting complement the scenes. This picturesque setting is rnevident, especially when it comes to scenes involving villages.

3) The brilliant storyline:

Anotherrn aspect and perhaps the most important one is the modern storyline of rnPelli Gola. In a love marriage set up, a couple tries various ways to rnwoo their love interest; the biggest challenge comes when they have to rnconvince the family.

However, roles are reversed in an arranged rnmarriage set up. Here, the parents take it upon themselves to search forrn a suitable partner for their children and convince them to marry. Whilern most children succumb to arranged marriages, that doesn't seem to be rnthe case for our lead characters - Varun and Jaggu. Labelled as rebels rnin their families, both the characters in this Telugu romantic web rnseries become determined to wreck their wedding.

As the story rnmoves along, we see how the reluctant Varun and Jaggu, end up falling inrn love with each other. With an entertaining storyline, the web series rnPelli Gola web on Viu has managed to capture the hearts of its rnmillennial audiences.

4) The entertainment factor:

Thern most amazing thing about the web series Pelli Gola is the sheer rnentertainment that comes packed in every episode. Between the drama and rnchaos of running away from their home town and falling in love and rnmarrying each other, the web series also features Varun and Jaggu's rnadventures, on the way.

Every episode leaves you guessing for rnwhat happens in the next one. The story beautifully portrays two rnyoungsters trying to find their identity and understand if they are rngenuinely ready to get married and settle down. The web series has rneverything - romance, family drama, chaos, entertainment, twists and rnturns in every episode. Each episode ends on a note that will make you rngo to the next one.

There isn't a scene in this entire Telugu Romantic Comedy Web Seriesrn that comes with a dull moment. Each dialogue, scene, and the storyline rnis so well-executed by the actors that the web series will keep you rnentertained throughout. Directed by Malik Ram, the web series Pelli Golarn web series captures the real picture and the very essence of Indian rnweddings.

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