"Help Janaiah Fight Stage Four LUNG Cancer"

Tue Dec 31 2019 10:12:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Hello Friends,

Janaiah has been diagnosed with an advanced type of lung cancer called Adenocarcinoma. Janaiah was first diagnosed with cancer in 2017 in his homeland of India.

Let me connect some dots for you.

Since his options in India have run dry, he's travelled to the Methodist Texas Medical Centre in Houston. He need emergency radiation for his cancer before time runs out.

Sadly, if Janaiah doesn't receive the radiation treatment in time, this might be the end of the line.

Plus, he'll be going through one of the most cutting-edge medical procedures 100% on his own dime. The bill for this radiation treatment is totaling over 150,000 USD!

We'll need your support to give Janaiah the medical therapy he'll need immediately. Supporters like you will give him a real shot at surviving this disease.

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This Family Man of Two from A Small Agricultural Town in India Has Been Diagnosed With Stage Four Lung Cancer.

Being family man, he is, Janaiah doesn't smoke or drink. The cancer diagnosis of course, came as a total surprise. Being only 40 years old (and with two young children), a cancer diagnosis is a complete jaw-dropper.

Living in India limits Janaiah's options when it comes to late stage cancer treatments like this. His only option was to fly to America to find the best possible option.

Today, he's waiting to receive advanced radiation treatment in Houston, Texas.

Here's How We'll Use Your Contributions:

- Your contributions will directly help Janaiah pay his nearly $150,000 USD bill for advanced radiation.

- Janaiah's family will use the support to get him the best medical advice and treatments available today.

Janaiah has since made the trip to Houston, Texas and is waiting for his opportunity to receive this treatment.

CLICK HERE!! for the list of Documents (Hospital Bills, Appointments, Air Tickets, Pass Port Entry, Hospital Reports, Diagnosis & Paper).

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Thank You for Supporting Janaiah Fight Stage Four Cancer!

Every single contribution will help Janaiah fund his fight against stage 4 lung cancer. It's been a long and bumpy road for Janaiah and his family since he was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

This will be a final effort to ward off Adenocarcinoma which can only be cured by being totally eliminated from the body.

If even a small portion of the disease remains, it will continue to spread through his body. With this treatment (and a little luck) Janaiah will survive and live on with his family in India.

Contributing (CLICK HERE) to this fund is the most useful form of support we all can offer.

Please support Janaiah today with a contribution - his life is hanging in the balance.

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Yours truly,

Janaiah's Family and Friends.

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