10 Percent Vote Share Gap Between TDP & YCP

Fri May 24 2019 17:02:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

YSR Congress Party won 151 MLA Seats with a mammoth vote share of 49.95 percent (1,56,83,592 Votes). TDP, on the other hand, settled for 23 MLA Seats with a vote share of 39.18 percent (1,23,01,741 Votes). The margin of difference between the vote share of YCP and TDP is more than 10 percent.

Jana Sena Party managed to win only one Assembly Seat with 6.8 percent vote share (21,30,367 Votes). None of its Allies including CPI, CPM and BSP got even 1 percent votes.

BJP received 2.18 percent vote share when it contested along with TDP in 2014 Elections. Contesting alone, It received only 0.84 percent votes in 2019.

Even in Parliament Constituencies, Vote Share is almost similar. While YCP secured 49.15 percent vote share (1,55,25,602), TDP attained 39.59 percent vote share (1,25,07,277 votes). Jana Sena settled at the third spot with 7.03 percent vote share (22,19,573 votes).

While 1.28 percent voters in Assembly Polls preferred NOTA, 1.49 percent voters in Lok Sabha Elections opted for None Of The Above Option.