1555 Single Day Corona Positive Cases In Andhra Pradesh

Thu Jul 09 2020 16:07:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh has reached an alarming level in the Corona positive cases. As per the latest health bulletin released by the Andhra Pradesh, the state has seen record breaking 1555 positive cases on Thursday alone and has witnessed the deaths of 13 patients.

It had to be noted that as the testing increases cases of positive are also increasing putting the state and health profile of individuals at risk. The government has taken samples from almost 16,882 and thus 1555 came positive. On the total with this latest figures the Corona cases in the state reached 23814.

 It is evident that the Andhra Pradesh Government is going way more organised in Testing and health crisis management than any other state government in the country. The health officials said that it is a must for an individual to take care of himself and his family in this crisis times so that the positive cases might come to an halt slowly.