1998 Dsc: Candidates Nearing Retirement Age to get Posting!

Tue Jun 21 2022 16:02:35 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The 1998 edition of the District Selection Committee(DSC) in combined Andhra Pradesh is surely one of the much-talked-about recruitments, as the candidates who cleared the exams had to fight for more than two long decades to get the recruitment. As the recruitment was caught in the court, it took around 25 years for the candidates to get the appointment.

The DSC recruitment is in the news now with Chief Minister of divided Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy clearing the file paving way for the candidates to get the postings. The candidates who have been waiting for the notification to get cleared were on cloud nine with the government's decision and praised the Chief Minister to the sky.

Besides the happy stories of many, there are also a few rare stories where a bunch of candidates will get the appointment who are nearing the retirement age. Weeks after getting the appointment letter they will retire. Their long wait will help them serve as government employees.

This is the story of Kedareshwara Rao, who hails from Srikakulam, and is currently making a living by begging. Despite clearing the 1998 DSC, he could not get the job and he failed to get other jobs too. After his parents passed away, Kedareshwara Rao was forced to beg for a living. Now he will get posted under the DSC notification.

In another story, one Nagaraju, who is working as a daily wage worker will be now working as a government teacher. Few other people will get a posting but will retire in a few weeks. Barring them, many teacher post aspirants will get posted as teachers.

The controversy hit the 1998 DSC recruitment row with the cut-off marks fixed for the candidates. The then government had to change the cut-off marks after a few candidates missed the exams.

The candidates who were affected by the change in cut-off marks moved the tribunal and the tribunal gave orders in favor of the candidates. The same was challenged in the High Court and then the issue reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court upheld the verdict given by the High Court.