Kodela Siva Prasad's Last Phone Call

Tue Sep 17 2019 13:44:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

At around 9 AM on Monday, Kodela had breakfast along with his Wife. He reached his room upstairs at 10.10 AM. Only his Wife and Daughter were in the house at that time.

Driver went to Kodela's Room at 10.30 am to offer coconut water. He, however, didn't respond even after repeated attempts. Then, The Driver alerted Kodela's Daughter Vijaya Lakshmi who was getting ready to take her Mother who is facing health issues to the hospital. Kodela didn't open the door even after knocking the door for several times. Then, Vijaya Lakshmi grew suspicious and gone to the window to see why her Father wasn't responding. That is when she found Kodela hanging to a sealing fan. Immediately, Driver Prasad broken the window and opened the door from inside. Gunman Yadav reached the room by that time. All the three of them rushed Kodela to Basavatharakam Cancer Hospital in Banjara Hills. Doctors declared him brought dead after conducting few tests.

Phone Call: At around 8.30 AM on Monday, Kodela attended a phone call and spoke for close to 20 minutes. To whom did Kodela spoke & what did they discuss? Cops obtained the incoming and outgoing call list of Kodela Cellphone.
Kodela's Daughter Vijaya Lakshmi lodged a police complaint over the death of her Father. Doctors claimed they strived hard for an hour to save Kodela but the efforts hasn't yielded any result.

Kodela's Post-Mortem in the hospital where his Son worked: Kodela's Son Doctor Siva Rama Krishna had worked as Assistant Professor in Gandhi Hospital. He is currently working as general surgeon in Osmania Hospital. He is on a long-term leave since few months. Post-Mortem of Kodela was conducted at Gandhi Hospital where Siva Ramakrishna worked before.