Is JanaSena Using 'Goebbels' Propaganda Methods?

Sat Aug 25 2018 13:45:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

The rise of Nazis and Hitler in history is credited to his propaganda designer Joseph Goebbels. He used media cleverly to promote Hitler as the only option for better life in Germany and thus he rose to power.

Many political parties use such propaganda to gain some momentum among the crowds before elections. They use lies to promote themselves as the next best option.

Until Telugu Desam Party went into the hands of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, his friends in media did not use such methods to favour him.

Now, such methods have become too old. Still, they seem to be followed by new parties, especially, JanaSena.

Pawan Kalyan does have star attraction and charisma but that doesn't mean he is the only trusted politician in AP politics. In fact, people are confused by his contradictory statements and actions.

But his party officials are claiming that at least 20 MLAs are looking to join their party and work with them in 2019.

Pawan did say he will not encourage such practices and will bring new blood into the corrupt and rotten system. Now his party workers are using such blatant lies to let common men believe in his leadership.

Pawan, needs to control such activities if he wants to be seen as truthful leader which he claims to be his strength.