CM Chair: 3 Years For BJP, 2 Years For Sena!

Mon Nov 18 2019 19:47:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Political developments in Maharashtra has been changing rapidly. Until now, Nobody knows which Parties form tie-up to form the new government in this part of the country. As per the latest update, Ground work is happening for the reunion of Old Partners (BJP, Shiv Sena).

Union Minister & RPI Leader Ramdas Athawale brought the proposal of 3 year CM Post for BJP and 2 year term for Shiv Sena. 'If BJP High Command accepts this proposal, Shiv Sena might consider it. I will discuss about this with the BJP Leadership'.

Earlier, Shiv Sena sought the support of Congress-NCP Combine to form the Government. Congress and NCP bagged 44 and 54 seats respectively in the recent elections. These Two Parties have already finalised a draft Common Minimum Programme to form the coalition government with Shiv Sena. Right now, Talks have been continuing between the three parties on power sharing. Shiv Sena is very particular about the Chief Minister's Post.

Will the new proposal brought by Ramdas Athawale bring Shiv Sena closer to BJP? If Sena forms the government with BJP, There is a strong possibility for completing the full term. If Sena goes with Congress and NCP, What happened in Karnataka might repeat in Maharashtra..!