31% Of Phase-1 Candidates Have Criminal Records In Bihar Elections

Mon Oct 26 2020 14:09:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

A candidate in an election is required to file an affidavit called Form 26 which reveals the information on candidate's assets, educational qualifications, liabilities, criminal antecedents and public dues if any. This move was introduced to help voters to know the criminal activities of a candidate.

Ahead of Bihar assembly election 2020, the state's chief electoral officer has released the criminal record of the candidates who are contesting in the elections.

About 31% of phase-1 candidates have criminal records. As many as 319 out of the 1,066 contestants has a criminal record. Notably, Gaya district, which has 10 assembly constituencies, has the highest number of 49 candidates with criminal antecedents. The data for the second and third phases are yet to be released.