4 E Rajenders in Huzurabad Fray: BJP says it's TRS conspiracy

Mon Oct 11 2021 16:38:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

The major political parties are pulling all stops to win the Huzurabad bypoll. The bypoll, necessitated by the resignation of Eatala Rajender after he was edged out of the TRS, has Rajendra fighting a battle of redemption. The TRS wants to ensure that he is defeated by hook or crook. Eatala too is fighting a last ditch battle to push back an aggressive TRS.

Eatala’s party BJP has accused the TRS of fielding independents with the same name and initials as that Eatala Rajender. It says four such candidates who are spelt E Rajander have been brought into the fray. The four candidates are Ippalapalli Rajender of the All India BC, OBC Party, Esampally Rajende of the New India Party and Immadi Rajender of the Republican Party of India. When abbreviated, their names read E Rajender.

The idea is to confuse the voters. At least some voters might confuse any of the three E Rajenders with Eatala Rajender and the votes intended for Eatala would go to the independents. This will be very crucial in close contests. Such namesakes and look-alike symbols play a key role in deciding the fate of the candidates.

But the BJP is confident that the people will easily recognise the lotus symbol of the party and will vote for Eatala Rajender. They exuded the confidence that despite the machinations of the ruling TRS, the BJP will romp home comfortably in the Huzurabad bypolls.