5 Eatala namesake candidates in Huzurabad bypoll fray

Sat Oct 09 2021 19:38:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember 2019 assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh? TDP's proxy KA Paul had put up candidates in all the constituencies. The names of the candidates were very similar to the YSRCP candidates. Even the surnames matched.

The idea was to confuse the gullible voters and see that at least some of the YSRCP votes go into these candidates' accounts. A similar plan, it appears, is set in motion in Huzurabad too.

In Huzurabad, there is a bitter battle being fought between the TRS and BjP's Eatala Rajender. Here, as many as 5 candidates with the name E Rajender are in the fray. Though the surnames are different, they begin with E and when abbreviated, they are very similar to Eatala Rajender. For instance, Immadi Rajender is in the fray as a candidate of the Republican Party of India. Similarly, Esampalli Rajender is fighting the elections on the symbol of the New India Party. Similarly, Ippalapalli Rajender, who is from the All India BC OBC party, is also in the fray.

Sources say that this is an attempt to confuse the voters. This could cause major upsets if the contest is close. Sources say that the TRS has already made Huzurabad awash with a slew of sops such as Dalit Bandhu. Several schemes are being implemented in Huzurabad to woo the voters. Not content with them, namesake candidates are being deployed in the bypolls.