7 Year Old Government is missing, if found please inform the Citizens of India!

Thu May 13 2021 20:39:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the emergence of the second wave of novel Coronavirus, the Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been attracting widespread criticism over handling the virus situation.

From opposition parties to a section of Indian media to foreign media several sections have been critical of PM Modi and government.

Famous general interest weekly Outlook has also slammed the Indian government over the current pandemic situations. The cover page of Outlook on the Indian government is doing rounds on social media.

On its cover page, Outlook said the Indian government, which is seven years old, is missing. The word missing was mentioned in Red colour with bold letters. On its cover page, Outlook said information on missing government should be shared with Indian citizens.

After Outlook India shared the cover page on Twitter, netizens lauded the weekly for displaying courage in carrying out a story on the much-talked-about issue which is now the burning issue.

The second wave of Covdi has highlighted the lack of medical facilities and infrastructure in the country. Several hospitals are running out of oxygen and they have been requesting the Centre and state governments to look into the issue.

Earlier, the foreign media accused PM Modi of the Covid situation and held him responsible for holding political rallies and permitting Kumbh Mela when the cases are going up.