94 Per Cent Hyderabadis 'Sleep' With Mobiles!!

Wed Apr 07 2021 11:44:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Do you know that at least 94 per cent of Hyderabadis, especially the youth and women sleep with their mobiles kept at a hands distance? Do you know that most people watch online content before actually going to sleep? Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of the lives of Hyderabadis, says a latest study on the sleeping habits of Hyderabadis.

The study, done by sleep product specialist Wake Fit, has said that the habit of sleeping with mobile phone close by is growing. While 91 per cent Hyderabadis kept their phone by their bedside in 2019-20, the percentage has gone up by four percentage points in 1920-21. Due to excessive mobile watching, the people are feeling tizzy and sloppy during their working hours. At least 84 per cent of the Hyderabadis are dozing off while on duty during the daytime. At least 90 per cent people in Hyderabad suffer from sleeplessness during the night at least twice in a week.

The Wake Fit study has also shown at at least 38 per cent Hyderabadis feel that  not using the mobile or smart phone or laptop will give them good sleep. But, despite realizing this, the number of people using smart phones at night is rising, the study says.