99% of Pandemic Cases Are Harmless: Donald Trump

Mon Jul 06 2020 10:17:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The United States continues to be the worst-hit nation in the world with the deadly outbreak of the ongoing pandemic originated from China. The US Administartion and authorities are not leaving any stone unturned to stop the spread of the virus.

Amid this, tense situation, on the 4th of July, which marks the 244th American Independence Day anniversary, Donald Trump said 99% of the pandemic cases in the US are harmless and there is no need to worry.

Despite the warnings of experts and critics, Donald Trump held the Independence celebrations. Speaking at the celebrations, he once again lashed out at China for the prevailing situations.

He expressed his hopes of coming up with a potential vaccine that can cure the ongoing respiratory disease. The US is likely to bring a solution before the year-end, as per Trump.

Trump went on to say that the US has been producing gowns, masks, and surgical equipment to see that the frontline workers don’t face any problems while treating the patients.

Looking at the cases in the country, the US currently has over 2.8 million infections and reported around  130,000 fatalities in connection with the virus. On Sunday, the US reported around 50,000 new infections, which is the lowest in four days.