A 5-minute Oxygen Mock drill led to death of 22 patients, after supply was cut off!

Tue Jun 08 2021 15:09:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a horrific incident, a mock exercise done at a private hospital has resulted in the death of as many as 22 people, who are undergoing treatment for Covid-19 after the medical supply was cut off reportedly.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh's Agra at a private hospital named Paras Hospital. The owner of the hospital did a mock drill that lasted for five minutes. The intention behind doing the drill is to deal with the rising number of patients in the hospital reportedly.

Reacting to the viral video, Agra District Magistrate P.N. Singh said orders were issued to start a probe in this regard and appropriate action would be taken based on the inquiry report.

Adding further, the Magistrate said, 22 patients, who are in critical condition were admitted to the hospital, but there are no details on the casualties.

The video took social media like a storm, netizens are demanding the Uttar Pradesh government to take strict action against the hospital and the hospital authorities. However, there is no information on when the video was shot.