A Pregnant Woman In Telangana Was Carried 7 Km In Forest By Women

Sun Mar 29 2020 18:08:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

A news story from Telangana state stands for its humanity and deep empathy at the core. At a time, when social distancing is said to be the only way to survive, few women decided to let a young life enter the world, without carrying about their life.

They carried the pregnant woman from the village on their shoulders for 7 kms to find a place, where she can deliver the baby.

Anganwadi workers were going through the forest and they heard the women screaming with intense labour pains.

They decided that they have to help her instantly and carried the woman on their shoulders to nearby hospital facility.

The woman and her kid are safe, now. There is still so much of humanity left in all of us, lets find it and celebrate such empathetic stories.