A State Like AP Doesn't Need 3 Capitals: JC

Wed Jan 22 2020 18:04:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After the Bill of AP Capital City decentralization was passed in the Assembly, JC Diwakar Reddy opined Central Government and Courts will look into the matter: 'A small state like Andhra Pradesh doesn't need 3 Capitals. Its not easy for anyone to divide the state into three parts. Courts and Centre will intervene at some point'.

Opposing the shifting of Administrative Capital to Visakha, JC commented that there aren't even proper roads between Rayalaseema and Visakhapatnam. He didn't hesitate to say Rayalaseema wouldn't get benefited with High Court in any way.

The former MP told, 'Currently, Centre is maintaining a 'wait & see' approach on AP Capital. Jagan wants to do whatever that's been in his mind without taking the views of others into confidence. Just because we were born naked, Do we roam without wearing clothes?'.

Responding on Insider-Trading in Capital region, JC felt both TDP and YCP Leaders are capable of matching each other in such matters.