A couple tried to commit suicide outside the Tahasildar office at Allagadda

Wed Nov 13 2019 17:51:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The news of Vijaya Reddy's brutal murder at her office by pouring petrol on her has shocked the entire Telangana. While we are unable to still get out of that news, a similar incident took place in Andhra Pradesh.

Going into the story, a couple has reportedly threatened to commit suicide in front of the Allagadda Tahasildar office regarding a land dispute. The couple, Subbareddy and his wife, who belongs to the Battuluru village carried Petrol and pesticide cans with them when they tried to commit suicide.

The couple has alleged that regarding this land issue they are visiting the Tahasildar office for ten years, but they did not get any justice. The locals after seeing them rushed to them and stopped their attempt. Subbareddy owns 11 cents of land near national highway under various survey numbers.  

Reportedly he lost one land in highway widening. Some other person has paid the tax and registered the land on his name. In spite of continuous requests from the couple to help them in this dispute, Tahasildar showed no interest in helping them. The couple returned after getting assurance from the revenue officers that they will get justice.