A leading Australian daily says, a Chinese Military Scientist applied for Patent for vaccine back in

Wed Jun 09 2021 15:22:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the contagious Covid-19 has hit the world, a debate has started that holds the dragon country China responsible for the pandemic. Big Brother United States has been critical of China.

Joining the force of nations that are critical of China over the emergence of Covid-19, Australia claimed that the virus was leaked from a laboratory in China. A leading daily in Australia said the same in its article.

In the article, the daily said, a person named Zhou Yusen, a military scientist at China’s Army had applied for the patent for the Covid-19 vaccine in February last year. The scientist had joined hands with Wuhan lab and a few experts as per the daily.

The Australian daily raised a few doubts on how come the patent for the Covid-19 vaccine was filed, five weeks after China announced the human transmission of the contagious disease.

Adding further, the daily said, the way the patent was filed in just weeks had raised the doubt that, whether the efforts to bring the vaccine to beat the virus might have begun long back.