A Man Left His Newlywed Wife And Escaped Four Days After Marriage

Thu May 28 2020 13:26:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, a man who got married recently left his wife and ran away four days after the marriage. This left the girl and her family members in a deep shock.

Going into detail, Veera Kumar who hails from Kovelakuntla city of Kurnool is working as a software employee in Hyderabad married a girl chosen by his parents in the presence of his family members.

The main twist came in the story when he left his newlywed wife and went to his girlfriend. He failed to share his love matter with the family and he was forced to marry the girl finalized by his parents.

The family members are believing that he might have gone to his girlfriend. A missing complaint is filed with the police and the investigation is underway.