A small land grab incident gives sleepless nights to Minister Anil Yadav

Thu Jan 13 2022 18:47:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

With a massive mega cabinet reshuffle on cards, even a small allegation could put cold water on the plans of the ministers in power. Even a minor incident can be blown out of proportion and the politicians in power are very concerned about protecting their image these days.

In Nellore, a family took to the streets and protested against their forcible eviction from their land. They said that Minister Anil Kumar Yadav’s uncle Rup Kumar Yadav was responsible for their plight. They said that though minister Anil Kumar Yadav was a good human being, his uncle was threatening people and grabbing their lands.

This was enough for the Opposition to target the minister. They used their pro-TDP media and tried  to blow it out of proportion.  They said the minister was using Rup Kumar Yadav as his proxy and was involved in extortion and blackmail. Another major problem is that senior leaders like Anam Ramnarayana Reddy were sidelined and young leaders like Anil Kumar Yadav and Mekapati Gowtham Reddy were given the ministries. This is not to the liking of leaders like Anam, who are not leaving any opportunity to attack them.

An alarmed Ravikumar Yadav tried to clarify that he was not involved in any way in the land grab case. He is reported to have told his uncle to go slow and not to upset his apple cart at a time when a cabinet reshuffle is imminent.