AP BJP slams Govt for extending liquor sale hours!

Tue Jan 18 2022 17:40:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Andhra Pradesh wing of Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) had come down severely on the state government over the increase in the business hours of the liquor stalls across the state. Accusing the government of trying to increase the state revenue, the state BJP sought the cancellation of the controversial Government Order.

AP BJP chief Somu Veerraju raised his objection over the same and asked why the YSRCP that extensively campaigned with the demand that liquor ban will be imposed is going for the increase in the working hours.

The AP BJP President demanded the government that the liquor stalls in the government should be permitted only till 8 PM, Somu Veerraju said if the government won’t take back the government order then the BJP will launch a protest.

Leaving the promise to ban the liquor sale, the liquor shops are permitted to run the business for one more hour just to increase the state revenue, the state BJP chief said in his tweet.

It has to be noted that, earlier Somu Veerraju attracted a wide range of criticism for promising to offer cheap liquor for a lesser price in the state if the party is voted to power. His promise became a big issue and many parties across the states have brutally trolled him.