AP Bagundali Ante Cycle Ne Thokkali: Naga Babu

Mon Feb 11 2019 18:10:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the latest episode of his YouTube Series 'My Channel - Naa Istam', Naga Babu presented the Cycle Skit. Two Kids were spotted spending time with cycles here. While one of them is riding the bicycle, The other one is seen kicking his cycle very seriously.

Naga Babu enquires the two boys what they have been doing - One of them tells he is riding bicycle as its good for health, The other replies, 'Cycle Ni Thokkithe AP Ki Manchidani, Cycle Ne Thokkuthunnanu'.

Following which, Mega Brother passed a statement - 'Arogyam Bagundalante Cycle Thokkali - Andhra Pradesh Bagundali Ante Cycle Ne Thokkali'.

Finally, Naga Babu issued a clarification that the cycle used in the skit doesn't belong to any individual and it's just an Ad for a cycle company.