AP Council Chairman Sharif Says The Bill Is In Process

Fri Jan 24 2020 12:20:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The developments in the Legislative council became sensational after the council chairman made sensational comments on Decentralisation bill.

Andhra Pradesh chairman Sharif sadi that the decentalisation bill was not sent to select committee and it is still in process. The bill cannot be sent to the committee until the process completes. In the process, they were some lapses and with his powers, he told the concerned authorities to rectify the mistakes.

TDP leaders alleged that YSRCP leaders made derogatory comments on chairman after he announced the decision in the council. Chairman Sharif responded to these allegations and said that he was unaware of the comments. The decision of the chairman in the council led to a dispute between both the parties. Meanwhile, AP CM Jagna decided to abolish the council.