AP Government To Stop Pensions For Ex-Public Representatives?

Tue Jan 28 2020 17:23:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The AP government's bold move to abolish the Legislative Council has resulted in the Opposition leaders aiming the government over its stand on this. Speaking in the house Chandrababu said Jagan has money to give pensions for all the people associated with the upper house.

In a bold move to counter the government has decided to cut short the expenses which are being spent by the state government.

Abolishing the Legislative Council will not only leave some leaders without any jobs. It will also give relief to the government from spending crores of public money in the form of salaries, pensions, and other facilities for the members who represent the Council.

As per the rules, members who work for four and a half years in the house will be eligible for a pension for a lifetime. Till now 1300 members are ex-members of the Council and still getting all these facilities.

With the new members coming and the old members getting eligible for pensions and all these facilities the state government has to pay a hefty amount for this which will be costing the government in crores.

The government has also opted to set a bar for the salaries and all the Corporation Chairmans, advisors who were paid almost four and a half lakhs every month.

With the officers who assist the Ministers getting a cut in their salaries and facilities, the Ministers will be given a special place and they will be set apart from these officers.

PAs, CSs, OSD and other officers will also get a pay cut and they will also be under observation on how about spending the money on them and their expenses.