AP Government suffers a big shock

Mon Jul 19 2021 20:58:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

The petition filed by the Andhra Pradesh government challenging the High Court's order on the alleged insider trading in Amaravati region came up for hearing in the Supreme Court today.

The Apex Court has quashed the petition filed by the Andhra Pradesh government in this regard.

The Constitutional bench led by Justice Vineeth Saran and Justice Dinesh Meheshwari heard the petition and dismissed the petition.

During the hearing, senior advocate Dushyant Dave told the court that a few people who already knew that the capital will be set up in Amaravati region had purchased lands in the region at a cheaper price. However, the Supreme Court was not satisfied with the arguments and struck down the petition.

As per the media reports, the SC asked the advocate who represented the AP Government, how come the government can raise a complaint against the land dealings when the people who have sold the lands don't have any problems.

Earlier, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has quashed the report filed by the CID over the alleged insider trading which made the government move the top court.