End of Speculation, AP Govt to Go With Ambedkar's Name!

Fri Jun 24 2022 15:42:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh government's decision to rename the recently made Konaseema district after BR Ambedkar created a big uproar followed by violent protests. The Amalapuram region known for its food and peaceful environment saw violent protests by those who are against the decision.

Following the protests, the internet services were shut and the services were restored after the situation came under control. Post the violence, many thought that the government might take a back step on renaming Konaseema district as BR Ambedkar Konaseema district.

Clearing the airs, the Andhra Pradesh government said that there is no walking back on the decision and the district will be named Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Konaseema district. The state cabinet that met for the meeting under the leadership of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy earlier today took the decision.

Konaseema region has a good population of Dalits, Kapus, and Settibalijas. But Dalits make up around half of the population. Minorities and ST and SC have been the strong vote bank of YSR when he was the Chief Minister. When Jagan stated his arty, the same communities supported him and started to walk with him.

If the government takes any tough call here then they might be a situation where Dalits could distance themselves from the YSRCP. If the same happens then it is nothing less than a disaster.

The Dalit community is one of the key vote banks for any party in any state. Coming to YSRCP, the way the government is imposing higher taxes and removing the beneficiaries of various welfare schemes citing new guidelines brought a bad image and the pathetic state of development also caused big damage to the ruling party.

In this situation, Jagan cannot take the risk. Talking about Kapus and other communities, there is no assurance that they will walk with the ruling YSRCP. Even if they walk with YCP, they cannot outnumber Dalits in the region and over all-state. If Dalits decide to not vore for YCP then the winning chances will reduce massively. Keeping all these factors in mind, the Andhra Pradesh government might have decided that keeping Ambedkar's name would be good.