AP's Health Bulletin Earns Praises From Everywhere

Sat Apr 04 2020 21:49:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, all the states have issued health bulletins with the details of the patients who were tested positive along with the areas they were residing.

With the rise of the positive case, the states have stopped adding these details as the positive cases keep on increasing every day in much disappointment.

Going by the opinion of experts that proving all the details will help the positive people stay at their homes and not to come out and people will also have an idea about the seriousness of the pandemic, Arogya Andhra, the official COVID-19 that handles Andra Pradesh state details came up with a brilliant idea winning many hearts.

They have released the health bulletin with the count of positive cases every day without mentioning the name of the patient but giving the addresses, age, gender and districts along with travel history so that the neighbors and others get alerted.

As an addition to this, houses of the people along with their family members have been quarantined so far.