AP Minister faces heat during his visit to flood areas!

Wed Nov 24 2021 18:07:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Andhra Pradesh has faced severe floods in recent times with almost everything coming to a standstill. The situation in the low-lying areas is even worse as the people could not even receive help from the government and NGOs. This made the people of the areas angry at the state government alleging that there was no proper response from the government.

Minister for Industries, Commerce Mekapati Goutham Reddy faced the heat from the people as he was questioned by them on his delay. The people from the flood-hit areas asked the Minister what's the point in coming now. For what you java come here now, they asked.

Listing out the problems they faced, the locals in flood-affected areas in Nellore district reportedly told the Minister that no one came from them when they were in trouble. We could not even have proper food and water. Our houses were filled with water. Where were you when we were in trouble, the locals reportedly asked the Minister?

As a response to the locals' anger, the Minister tried to pacify them saying that the help could not reach them due to heavy rains and waterlogging. The Minister said that the help is underway and assured the locals that they will receive help from the government for sure. However, the locals did not listen to the Minister.

Seeing that the locals are not in a mood to listen to him, the Cabinet Minister left the spot. A few collectors and Ministers have also faced a similar situation from the people and left from there seeing the public anger.

On the other hand, the recent floods have left a severe impact on the state that caused damage in thousands of crores. From highways to dams to crops to houses, the havoc caused by the floods is worth more than Rs 6,000 crores which is the highest in recent times. These are the details given by the government on the loss estimation..