Another Record In AP's Kitty

Wed Jun 03 2020 17:20:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh government which conducts the most number of tests to detect the symptoms of the pandemic made yet another record in this regard after making it to the top place.

Andhra Pradesh Nodal Officer who oversees the pandemic situation in the state said that AP reached the top place in the list of states that conduct medical examinations for the virus.

AP is conducting over 12,000 cases of the pandemic daily which is the highest for any state. The state is also providing improved medical facilities for the public. So far AP tested 3,95,681 samples and 3,91,890 tested negative.

The Nodel officer went on to say that AP has a 69% recovery rate from the pandemic while India has a recovery rate of only 48%. Looking at the cases in the state the toll reached 3,200 and the active case stood at 927 with 22019 patients recovered from the virus.64 people succumbed to the virus ao far.

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