AP's Last CM Hopeful of Returning Strong!

Thu Jun 23 2022 17:01:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior Congress leader Nallari Kiran Reddy has the record of serving as the last Chief Minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh. Just before the state bifurcation, he was removed by the Delhi Congress leadership from the CM Post. Post his removal, the state was announced making him the last CM.

As a strong supporter of the combined Andhra Pradesh idea, he made sure that the protests wouldn't turn too violent during his brief stint as the Chief Minister. After stepping down as Chief Minister, he remained silent in politics and after a long gap, he was in the news now.

It has been widely reported that Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy was spotted in the Kalikiri area in Andhra Pradesh. Meeting the people there, he is believed to have assured that he will be back and will return soon.

A point here to be noted is that earlier there were reports which say like Telangana, the Congress wants to bring back the lost glory in fellow Telugu state Andhra Pradesh as well and Nallarai would be made the state chief like Revanth Reddy in Telangana. However, there was no noise later.

But Kiran Kumar Reddy's comments say that the meeting between him and Rahul Gandhi might have worked and he might join the action any time soon. But the question is can Nallari pull off Revanth's style in Andhra Pradesh.

Though people in Andhra Pradesh are unhappy with the grand old Congress for the state bifurcation, there are a few areas where there are supporters of Congress in good numbers. If they are nurtured and the leaders start working at the ground level, then the party might start blooming again.

Kiran Kumar Reddy alone cannot do that and he needs a few others who can support him. The last Chief Minister of the combined Telugu state has a good reputation among Andhra people for his stand on the stage bifurcation and this might work for him and the party if used in a good way. Will the ex-Chief Minister get support from the party and the fellow leaders is the main question here.