Bangalore Drugs Case: Accused Cutting Their Hair To Escape From Getting Caught!

Wed Apr 07 2021 11:52:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Bangalore Drugs case which was unearthed by the Bangalore Task Force recently is sending shocking waves across Telangana. As part of the investigation, Task Force slapped notices to a few biggies in Hyderabad reportedly.

It is said that in order to not get caught in testing, the accused are cutting their hair. The drug traces will stay up to around three months in a person’s body who takes drugs.

Drug intake can be tested through blood samples, urine samples, and hair samples. So to escape from this, the accused are said to be cutting their hair.

To gather more details, the Task Force Police are gathering data, like the chatting history, WhatsApp history, and money transactions between the accused and drug peddlers.

The Police are also collecting crucial data about the list of invitees who are said to be present at the parties where drugs and alcohol were reportedly involved. The investigation is underway in this angle and more details are underway.

On the other hand, four MLAs were reportedly involved in the drugs racket and the Task Force Police are expected are serve notices to them and call them for questioning in this regard.