Accused Who Urinated On Co-Passenger Sacked From His Company!

Fri Jan 06 2023 20:43:36 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A few days back the shocking news of a passenger of Air India airlines allegedly urinating on his co-passenger came out. Citing the complaint the victim has written to the Chairman of Air Lines a few reports said that when the carrier was on the way to Delhi from New York.

All of a sudden the drunk man went to the old lady and exposed his private parts to the victim and urinated on her. She went to the flight attendants and complained against the accused. But they did not take any action against the victim. This raised many eyeballs.

Now the issue saw another big development as the accused who is said to have urinated on the old victim has been identified and the company for which the accused works for removed him from the position. In a harsh response, the company sacked him.

Reacting to the allegations, the company is said to have said that the management expects employees to have good behaviour professionally and personally and that what he did was not acceptable. On the same grounds, he was sacked.

After sacking him from the position, the company issued a statement confirming the same and assured complete support for the investigating agencies in the case and it is its responsibility in this regard.