Actress Questions CM Over Hefty Fines

Sat Sep 07 2019 14:49:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hefty Fines imposed by the Central Government from September 1st this year in the name of road safety has been inviting the ire of public. While tagging the Twitter handle of Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa, Actress Shruthi Ramakrishna conveyed Government should make sure it provides better roads before asking for so much fine. 'It's hard-earned money of common man. Please do not spoil their living,' she wrote while sharing a picture of a two-wheeler rider falling during to bad roads.

Shruthi Ramakrishna shared a newspaper article informing Bengaluru Police collecting Rs 30 lakhs in 36 hours by levying hefty fines. Clarifying she isn't against any party or individual, The Actress maintained: 'Collecting fine is their right, Our right is to ask for good roads. Isn't it? Where is Rs 30 lakhs invested on?  I've nothing against this government please understand that..'.

Netizens feel there is logic in the questions raised by Shruti Ramakrishna. How could Government collect fines without providing good roads? A rule has to be passed so that fines will have to be charged only on the roads which are good enough for safe driving. What do you say?