Afghanistan Plight: Once Journalist, Now a street vendor!

Fri Jun 17 2022 12:51:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Taliban capturing Afghanistan is the best example of how the worst condition impacts a nation. Post-Taliban entry, things went upside down for Afghanistan. The employment and growth in the nation went for a toss. Currently, Afghanistan is going through a crisis and people living there are worried about their future.

The current Taliban ruling pushed Afghanistan into such dire poverty that even the professionals were forced to do small jobs for a living. A senior media professional who worked as a journalist in Afghanistan for many years has now turned into a street vendor for a living.

A viral tweet took everyone by surprise as it showed how a journalist is now selling food on roads to support his family. The person selling food is identified as Musa Mohammadi. He had a good experience as a journalist. With the nation running into deep debts, the journalist is forced to sell food on the roads.

A professional who has the experience of working with the previous government took to social media to share the plight of the media in Taliban-captured Afghanistan. He said that it is sad to see talented journalists being forced to do such jobs for earning.

In his viral tweet, Kabir Haqmal tried to make people understand the problematic situation of the media after the transition of power from the republic government and the violent Taliban ruling. He blamed the Taliban for the deep economic losses faced by the nation right now.

"Journalists life in #Afghanistan under the #Taliban. Musa Mohammadi worked for years as  anchor & reporter on different TV channels, now has no income to fed his family. & sells street food to earn some money. #Afghans suffer unprecedented poverty after the fall of republic," Kabir Haqmal tweeted sharing the pictures of the journalist-turned-street vendor.

Bringing back the dark period for the people of Afghanistan, the Taliban forces captured the nation after defeating the armed forces. It has been more than one year since the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Though no one is not happy in Afghanistan, the media is facing the heat as more and more restrictions are being imposed. Recently the female anchors were directed to cover their faces.