Afghanisthan Earthquake: India Offers Help, while rest silent!

Fri Jun 24 2022 15:11:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Adding more troubles to Afghanistan, a massive earthquake hit the nation the other day leaving more than 100 dead. The rescue work has been stopped. The situation increased the food crisis in Afghanistan and the country is waiting for help from other nations.

Seeing this, India swung into action and sent supplies to Afghanistan along with a team for assistance. The technical team and supplies reached Kabul and they will speak to the Taliban leaders about the situation on how they can help the earthquake-hit nation.

"In order to closely monitor and coordinate the efforts of various stakeholders for the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance and in continuation of our engagement with the Afghan people, an Indian technical team has reached Kabul today and has been deployed in our embassy there," India's Foreign Ministery said.

Apparently, India is the first nation to help Afghanistan. When the developed nations and superpower nations that project themselves as global leaders remained silent on this and India helped Afghanistan.

Nations like the United States that lecture others on helping others and humanitarian help are silent and do not make any noise about the crisis in Afghanistan. Despite Taliban leaders urging the world nations to help them in dealing with the situation, no nation came forward.

Talking about the current situation in Afghanistan, the nation is dealing with a big crisis. Under the Taliban ruling, people were forced to follow the restrictions. The funds they had in the country are over and the funds in banks in other nations were blocked making them unusable by the Taliban leaders.

The financial crisis is so severe in Afghanistan that people are ready to sell their kidneys for money. Not just this, families with multiple children are selling one kid so that they can feed and nurture the others.

Bringing back the horrific situations, Afghanistan went into the deadly claws of Taliban forces earlier last year. With the NATO forces called off from Afghanistan, the Taliban forces started waging a war and within no time, Afghanistan went under the control of Taliban forces. Afghanistan's President fled the nation along with his family.