After Cristiano Ronaldo, another footballer replaces Coca-Cola at the conference!

Thu Jun 17 2021 20:02:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Leading soft drink company Coca-Cola, which is one of the official sponsors of the Football championship Euro 2020 is having an intriguing journey. The company had lost a market value of $4 billion after Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo replaced a Coca-Cola bottle with a water bottle at a press conference.

Following the footsteps of Ronaldo, Italian footballer Manuel Locatelli did the same. Locatelli addressed the conference after Italy crushed Switzerland by 3-0. Seeing the Coca-Cola bottles, the midfielder removed them.

The player had a smile on his face after he moved the bottles. Netizens believe that the player remembered what happened after Ronaldo did the same.

Two celebrated players replacing Coca-Cola bottles with water bottles at the media conference had resulted in the company becoming a meme material. Netizens are showing their creativity on social media with funny memes and trolls.

France midfielder Paul Pogba did the same gesture by replacing a beer bottle with a water bottle. Looks like the players are on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.